Since 2001, our VidShow™ controllers have set a new standard as the first ever, fully integrated show control and multi-channel MPEG video servers

Here are just a few of its unique features:


MX4D® Motion EFX Theater video server and controller

Multi-channel surround video theater source

Interactive museum displays (up to 16 separate exhibits from one unit)

Digital signage generator

Video on demand server

Large screen theater projection source

Interactive exhibits and kiosks

High Definition (HD) Options:

MediaMation, Inc. offers 2 HD options, our dual channel Standard HD or feature rich HD+.

Standard HD Card

2 channels per card

Up to 3 cards per unit for a total of 6 channels

Independent or multi-channel, frame accurate sync groups, or both

Decodes all 18 ATSC HD formats

Outputs: Component or RGBHV at 1920x1080i resolution

AC-3 5.1 digital and MPEG2 stereo audio output

Playback at up to 40Mbps

Very Cost effective

HD+ Card Up to 6 cards per unit

Independent or multi-channel, frame accurate sync groups, or both

Supports bit rates up to 80Mbs

Synchronized playback across multiple units for unlimited channels Genlock input

Serial Digital

Interface video output with up to 12 channels of embedded audio, plus DVI and analog RGBHV (or YPbPr) outputs

6 AES3 digital audio outputs

Linear Time Code (LTC) output

Standard Definition (SD) Options:

Our SD cards come in either 2 channel or 4 channel versions with a maximum of 16 channels per unit.

Replaces DVD and Laser Disc players

Fully programmable and scriptable interaction

Outputs: NTSC and PAL

Composite, S-video, or Component

Stereo audio output or AC-3 digital per channel

ShowCase  Fountain Show Control Editor

The ShowCase™ Editor companion software for our ShowFlow™ program provides an intuitive graphic user interface with familiar “Drag and Drop” and “Point and Click” features allowing even novices to program complex shows and attractions.


Point and click command entry

Multiple pop-up helpers

Drag and drop graphic objects

Import JPEG’s

Automated variable importing

Device creation wizard

Project organizer

Quick compiler w/error flagging

Variable assistant/helper

GUI and variable groups/arrays

All MediaMation products can be programmed and controlled using any standard MIDI sequencer or device.