Smooth flying motion puts you into the experience

Unique fall-away footrest with 4D seat effects

Full immersive, quiet technology

Powered by MediaMation’s award winning software

With full-motion moving seats, MX4D® Flying EFX Theatre is as close to flying as you can get without wings. It’s unique drop-down footrest and extended motion platform envelops the passengers in an immersive experience like no other.  Coupled with a curved 3D projection system, 4D EFX and surround sound audio, the MX4D® Flying Theatre provides theme parks and other attractions with


Concept Renders


Actuated footrest (rider’s feet dangle free)

3 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)

Extreme range of motion

8” of vertical lift

Seats are in benches of 4

Standard effects:  motion, air blasts, wind, water spray, neck ticklers, leg tickler and seat transducers/rumblers

Optional in-seat effects: under seat poppers, back pokers and scent

Optional atmospheric theater effects: wind, rain, snow, bubbles, fog, strobes and intelligent lighting


NOW OPEN in Musan, South Korea, The World’s Largest Flying Theatre at Robot Land.  Thanks to our partners at Full Dome Pro for their incredible wraparound screen.  Along with MediaMation’s moving seats and programmed effects, this is the ultimate in immersive and exciting entertainment.