Complete control of Audio/Video, I/O, DMX, MIDI, Serial and Telnet

Here are just a few of its unique features:


Internal CD, DVD, and MPEG2 video playback




Full SMPTE timecode support

Simultaneous playback of any number of prerecorded shows or cue list, each with their own instructions to all I/O devices

Direct support for external devices such as DVD players, film projectors, Moog Motion Bases, etc.

Access to all HRBox functions including Universal Kinematics™ and the digital PID servo loops

Live video window

Import graphics and create “Hot Spots” on the screens for intuitive, interactive interfaces

Internal user variables to keep track of scores, status, position, and other data required for true interactivity.


Control interface

Curious about ShowFlow‘s capabilities?

ShowCase  Fountain Show Control Editor

The ShowCase™ Editor companion software for our ShowFlow™ program provides an intuitive graphic user interface with familiar “Drag and Drop” and “Point and Click” features allowing even novices to program complex shows and attractions.


Point and click command entry

Multiple pop-up helpers

Drag and drop graphic objects

Import JPEG’s

Automated variable importing

Device creation wizard

Project organizer

Quick compiler w/error flagging

Variable assistant/helper

GUI and variable groups/arrays

All MediaMation products can be programmed and controlled using any standard MIDI sequencer or device.