A highly immersive virtual reality gaming platform that combines VR + 3DOF motion and loads of integrated 4D EFX.

Each networked, multi-player REACTIVr bench dynamically reacts to the game play with appropriate motion EFX feedback.

Multiple Themes: ATV, Hover Pod, Submarine and Many More

2-Player Teams Compete Against up to 8 Other Teams

Multiple On-Board 4D EFX

MX4D® Physics Engine Interface

Networked and Multi-Player


from 1 to 8 player pods can be setup and networked together to accommodate any size room or attraction.


simple in-game branding or NEW unique experiences are available.


competitive platform encourages repeat customers and social interaction.



Fluid 3 DOF motion
Patented 4D EFX armrest
Approved by Hollywood studios
Award-winning technology
Product reliability