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4D/5D Motion EFX Theatres






Wanda Cinema

- 12 Locations

Wanda is China’s largest cinema operator with 187 cinemas, with a total of 1,657 movie screens, 117 of which are IMAX screens, accounting for 14.5% of the domestic box office. Wanda Cinema Line was publicly listed on the owns 150 cinemas in China with a total of 1,315 screens, 94 of which are IMAX screens.

Jinyi Cinema

- 4 Locations

Cine Cube

- 1 Location

Omnijoi Cinema

- 3 Locations

Making unremitting efforts to expand its cinema business, Omnijoi has opened up 34 cineplexes with 219 screens by June 2014. Nanjing Xinjiekou Cineplex has been ranking among the top five for years among its counterparts in China. As the only Chinese cinema circuit owned by a broadcasting company, the Omnijoi Cinema Circuit ranks top among all the domestic cinema circuits in Jiangsu in terms of market coverage and box office contribution. By June 2014, Omnijoi has seen 78 cineplexes join its cinema franchise, with 427 screens in total. Ranking 20th among cinema circuits around China in 2011, Omnijoi Cinema Circuit has jumped to No. 12 thanks to its rapid development. Enhancing its cinema business in Jiangsu and further expanding it around China, Omnijoi sees a fast-growing cinema circuit and franchise taking shape.

Luxin Cinema

- 1 Location

Shin Kong Cinema

- 1 Location

Capital Cinema

- 1 Location

Bona Cinema

- 1 Location

Dadi Ifree

- 2 Locations

Xiaoxiang Cinema

- 1 Location


Cine Colombia

– 7 Locations

Cine Colombia, the largest entertainment company in Colombia has chosen MediaMation, Inc. as their 4D theatre supplier. MediaMation, Inc. is rolling out several MMX4D® Motion EFX Attraction Seat theatres starting with Baranqilla, Villavicencio, Gran Estacion...and more.


MISR International Films Cinemas

- 1 Location

Shashat for Cinema

- 1 Location


Toho Cinemas

- 16 Locations

TOHO Cinemas is the largest and most influential cinema chain in Japan. MediaMation, Inc. is pleased to work with Sony Business Solutions Corporation (SBSC) to deliver twelve (12) MX4D™ Motion EFX Theatres to TOHO Cinemas as part of their swift 2015 MX4D™ Rollout.

Sony Business Soultions for Movie on Yamagata

- 1 Location

Fueled by the outstanding MX4D popularity in Japan, our exclusive Japanese distributor (SBSC) sold a theatre to a (new) company named: Movie On Yamagata.

Sony Business Soultions for Aeon Cinemas

- 1 Location

Fueled by the outstanding MX4D popularity in Japan, our exclusive Japanese distributor (SBSC) sold a theatre to a (new) company named: Aeon Cinemas


MBO Cinemas

– 3 Locations

MBO Cinemas is the third largest cinema chain in Malaysia


MISR International Films Cinemas

- 1 Location



– 15 Locations

6th largest cinema chain worldwide.

Rolling out multiple 250+ seat MMX4D® Motion EFX Attraction Seat theatres. Currently installed in Santa Fe, Mundo E, Plaza Mayor, Plaza Cuernavaca, Mazatlan, Zappopan, Universidad, Macroplaza, Coapa


The Movies at Curacao

- 1 Location


Goldenduck International

- 1 Location


NOVO Cinemas

- 2 Location

our expansive network now spans no fewer than 129 screens and 24,000 seats in 15 locations across the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Ongoing expansion will see our numbers grow to over 235 screens in over 24 locations by 2017- and our IMAX network extended to seven spectacular screens including the largest IMAX laser screen in the Middle East and the latest MX4D theater experience from the USA.

Cinema Company

- 1 Location


Sony Corporation of Hong Kong

- 1 Location

MMI recently signed on Sony Corporation of Hong Kong as an MX4D distributor in certain regions of Southeast Asia. The first installation under Sony HK will be at SF Group's flagship SF World Cinema theater at the prestegious Central World Shopping Complex.


City Cinema

- 2 Locations

Grand Bawadi Cinemas

- 1 Location

Reel Cinema

- 1 Location


Cinema City

- 2 Locations

United States

Oxnard Plaza Stadium 14

– Oxnard, California, United States. SOLD OUT SHOWS EXPECTED. Purchase Tickets in advance!

US Cinema Chain, Santa Rosa Entertainment Group.

108 seat 4D Motion EFX Theatre at the Plaza Stadium 14 in Oxnard, CA, the first of several new 4D Motion EFX theatres for US cinema chain Santa Rosa Entertainment Group (SREG). SREG has over 100 state-of-the-art digital screens throughout Northern and Southern California.
" MMX4D® technology is a new form of traditional cinema entertainment that couples an extreme experience with value for our guests. We're proud to be a leader in our industry and offer this new, cutting edge technology." says Neil Pearlmutter, Vice President of Santa Rosa Entertainment group.

National Amusements

- 3 Locations

Leading 4D Cinema innovator MediaMation, Inc. (MMI) of Torrance, CA, inks deal with major theatre chain National Amusements, Inc. of Norwood, MA to install a 70-seat MediaMation MX4D™ Motion EFX Theatre in the chain’s newly refurbished, 20-screen Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere location just outside Boston, MA. Plans call for the new U.S. MX4D™ theatre -- the first full 4D Motion EFX theatre on the U.S. East Coast -- to open summer of 2015.

B&B Theatres

- 3 Locations

B&B Theatres is a family-owned and operated American movie theater chain based in Gladstone, Missouri.[2][1] Founded in 1924, B&B is the eighth-largest theater chain in the United States, operating 414 screens at 50 locations

Programming a 4D slate of new release feature films for the studios monthly.

List of MX4D™ Cinemas
Cinemex (2012), Mexico City, Mexico - 260 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2013), Mexico City, Mexico - 288 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2013), Mazatlán, Mexico - 224 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2013), Leon, Mexico - 208 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Cuernavaca, Mexico - 176 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Zapopan, Mexico - 192 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Mexico City, Mexico - 188 MX4D™ seats
Cine Colombia (2014), Barranquilla, Colombia - 188 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Tijuana, Mexico - 188 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Macroplaza, Mexico - 188 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Mexico City, Mexico - 260 MX4D™ seats
Cine Colombia (2014), Viva, Colombia - 192 MX4D™ seats
Cine Colombia (2014), Bogota, Colombia - 196 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2014), Monterrey, Mexico - 252 MX4D™ seats
Cine Colombia (2014), Bogota, Colombia - 152 MX4D™ seats
Wanda Cinemas (2015), Nanning, China - 100 MX4D™ seats
TOHO Cinemas (2015), Fujimi, Japan - 108 MX4D™ seats
Cine Colombia (2015), Calle, Colombia - 180 MX4D™ seats
City Cinemas (2015), Muscat, UAE - 96 MX4D™ seats
The Movies at Curacao (2015), Willemstad, Curacao - 64 MX4D™ seats
TOHO Cinemas (2015), Roponggi, Japan - 100 MX4D™ seats
TOHO Cinemas (2015), Shinjuku, Japan - 108 MX4D™ seats
Jinyi Cinemas (2015), TBD, China - 96 MX4D™ seats
Cinemex (2016), Villahermosa, Mexico - 252 MX4D™ seats


Theme Parks/Attractions

Legoland Discovery Center

– Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Kansas City, Yonkers, NY, Toronto, Shanghai, Michigan, Arizona

  • 3D/4D EFX Turnkey theatres including custom red vinyl seats, screens, 16-channel sound system, 3D digital projection, lighting, controls and programming/integration.
  • Special EFX including exclusive rain water system
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Legoland Sea Life Aquarium

– San Diego, Tempe

MediaMation installed Legoland’s preferred signature red seats and provided show control systems for the Sea Life theatre.


– San Diego, Dubai and Germany

Working with Entertainment Resources of Germany, provide show control for the large theatres that show custom Legoland 4D films and other licensed 4D films such as "Bob the Builder."

Ripley’s Believe It or Not?

– San Antonio, Gatlinburg, Niagara Falls, Myrtle Beach, Baltimore

MediaMation retrofitted Ripley's "4D Moving theatres" in Gatlinburg and Niagara Falls with new show control and 4D EFX systems, and complete turnkey MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction theatre installs in new venues moving forward including San Antonio, Myrtle Beach and Baltimore.

Mylan Park

– Seoul, South Korea

Full turnkey 28-seat MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction theatre for Showscan installed at Mylan Park, a noted amusement attraction on Incheon Island, outside Seoul, Korea.

Sega Joypolis

– Shanghai

In cooperation with Sega, MMI installed a turnkey 48 seat MX4D Motion EFX Theater at Joypolis in Shanghai, China.

Madame Tussaud

– Bangkok, Thailand

This anchor attraction draws on MMI’s expertise in 4D/3D theaters and seats. On the heals of success of previously delivered MediaMation, Inc. 4D theaters at numerous Legoland Discover Centers, Merlin Entertainment is adding their anchor 4D theater to the upcoming Madame Tussauds in Bangkok Thailand. MMI is working directly with Merlin Entertainment to supply all of the equipment and installation services.

Cedar Fair's - California's Great America "Mass Effect 4D Holographic Experience.

– San Jose, California

"MediaMation, Inc. is proud to be part of the ground breaking attraction: Mass Effect New Earth, A 4D Holographic Journey across the galaxy, based on the critically acclaimed video game series from BioWare and Electronic Arts. MediaMation, Inc. provided 80 MX4D® Motion EFX Seats and associated control systems as well as new pressure sensitive safety technology to automatically ramp down motion should someone get out of their seat. Other technology in this theatre includes: Custom built Cinema quality digital animation. The world’s largest and highest resolution 3D LED screen to create 3D imagery unlike anything people have seen before in a public attraction. A state-of-the-art sound system, consisting of 70 autonomous speakers, that will blow your mind."



Hawaii's First 4D theatre,
Mauna Lani Resort Shopping Center

– Big Island HI

Under the direction of Aloha Investment Group, MediaMation installed a 24-seat 3D/4D turnkey theatre at a new store-front attraction in the Shops at Mauna Lani Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. Believed to be the first attraction of its kind on the island, the MX4D™ Motion EFX theatre project featured the world premiere of Stargate: The Ride in 3D at its fall 2009 debut.  This major project comes on the heels of MMI’s high-profile musical fountain installation at the same Mauna Lani shopping complex back in 2006.

Orama 4D

– Atria Mall, Mumbai, India

Operating under the direction of Cybele Paradise, MediaMation was called upon to expand and upgrade the highly successful attraction that it had helped open in 2006 at Atria Mall in Mumbai. This time, MMI’s various duties included a custom built “rain special effects” system that comes down from the ceiling; installing and integrating a complete turnkey system, as well as upgrading a 72-seat, 4D EFX theatre with MMI’s 1DOF 4D seats as well as upgrading 16 of the seats to their new MX4D™ analog motion technology to offer even more exciting rides and control.

Orama Krazy Kingdom 5D

– Nirmal Life Style, Mumbai, India

Maintaining its association with Cybele Paradise, MediaMation provided turnkey installation for 28 1DOF 4D seats, plus added a 15 seat, 6DOF hydraulic motion bases for a motion simulator attraction at Nirmal Lifestyle Mall. Having both a large motion simulator and 28 4D seats in a single theatre presented many new challenges, but the outcome is currently a huge success at the new mall and is truly a one-of-a-kind attraction.

Prasad Family Entertainment

– Hyderabad, India

Working with LVP Cinemas Co. and Cybele Paradise MMI is delivering a 32-seat 4D theatre featuring its new, exclusive MX4D™ special EFX motion base seats. Focusing on no-compromise performance and guest experience, at a cost consistent with the local market, the theatre promises to be an anchor attraction for the location. Further, MediaMation designed an additional 28 seats as part of plans for a Phase 2 expansion.

Three Palms Arcade MX4D™ Ride

– Catalina Island, CA

Three Palms Arcade MX4D™ Ride has added to their popular tourist destination a turnkey, 8-seat MX4D™ Motion EFX theatre, the first for this island tourist destination, featuring MediaMation’s 3DOF Attraction Seats, A/V and projection system and a full array of seat and atmospheric effects such as water blast, bubbles, and strobe.

(photo credit Wynn Miller)

iPlay America

– New Jersey

New Jersey's premiere indoor amusement park unveiled a 16-seat MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction theatre—a first for the East Coast. This turnkey install with standard Attraction Series seats with back pokers, seat poppers and scent built-in. The full effects turnkey theatre features wind, rain, heat, snow, strobe and bubbles, as well as projection, screen, sound and lighting.

Bavaria Filmstadt Studio Tour

– Munich

As an attraction at Bavaria Filmstadt, studio tour, guests can take adventure to the next dimension - with a fast-paced tour in Michael Bully Herbig’s snowboard movie, "Princess on the Run". MediaMation's MX4D™ EFX Attraction Seats and atmospheric effects are featured in this multimedia theatrical experience that visitors will not soon forget!


– Canary Islands

Five 8-seat MX4D™ Motion EFX theatres have been rolled out in popular tourist destinations in the Canary Islands. Seats include additional seat and back poppers, in addition to the leg and neck ticklers, air and water blasts and seat transducer, atmospheric effects include wind and strobe effects.


Museums/Science Centers

National Maritime Museum

– Buson, South Korea

60-seat MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction seat turnkey theatre for this newly constructed four-story museum (opened July 2012).

San Diego Air and Space Museum

– San Diego, CA

36 seat MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction Theatre installed in this popular San Diego museum, offered free of charge to museum-goers featuring ride and attraction films themed with space and flight.

Air Zoo Kalamazoo

– Kalamazoo, MI

This existing 4D theatre was upgraded with a MediaMation’s VidShow 3DHD control system, adding RealD 3D and a single NEC projector, that replaced the former six-projector system. This new "open" system allows Air Zoo to add to their original 4D experience and show new films from such distributors as nWave Pictures.

Ft. Worth Science Center

– Fort Worth, TX

4D/5D "Energy" theatre with 40 MX4D™ Motion EFX seats.

Centre for Life

– England

New movies and motion programming for this 5D theatre experience with an upgrade to their digital 3D system and a new sound system.

Viaje Fantastico Dimension Real theatre

– Museo de Cera Wax Museum

Turnkey 20-seat MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction theatres are offered by this museum franchise, with three locations in Mexico City.

Michigan Science Center
(formerly Detroit Science Center)

– Detroit MI

At its debut, the Toyota Engineering theatre was the largest Motion EFX theatre in the world, comprised of 167 MX4D™ Motion EFX Attraction Series seats. MMI provided control, integration, and audio/video for this turnkey theatre install.

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Glenwood Caverns Adventure

– Glenwood CO

In May 2009, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, premiered their new theatre attraction that accommodates up to 800 riders per day and is believed to hold the distinction as the “First 4D theatre in Colorado” as well as the “Highest 4D theatre in the nation,” constructed at 7,000 ft. altitude.

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Cinematix 4D theatre

– Poltava, Ukraine

Cinematix 4D theatre

– Krivy Rog, Ukraine

Siam Ocean World

– Bangkok, Thailand

MediaMation supplied all hardware, control, audio, video, projection, and 4D EFX seats, as well as all design, installation, and commissioning for this world class aquarium attraction. The theatre is the first 4D effects theatre in Thailand. It is comprised of 83 custom seats with 13 effects in each. The huge, 10 Meter screen is projected on by four Sanyo UF15 projectors with full overlapping edge-blend for a tremendous 3D visual. An 8000 watt audio system fills out the experience.

Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure

– Fair Oaks, Indiana

This 68-seat, 4D EFX theatre was powered by our robust Showflow™ software and Vidshow 3D™. MediaMation supplied this first class attraction with its 4D EFX theatre seats, along with audio, video, screen and show control.

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