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MediaMation, Inc. is an entertainment systems integrator providing creative solutions for complex interactive exhibits, shows, attractions, rides, interactive fountain shows and 4D/5D theater environments, worldwide. Theme parks, museums, themed environments, cinema chains, interactive exhibits, motion pictures and entertainment retail venues rely on MediaMation, Inc.’s creative ingenuity to design, implement and install interactive attraction and entertainment technology.

MediaMation’s products and services, installed in over 21 countries, include show control, audio/video and lighting systems, systems integration, automation, robotics, animation, motion control, motion simulators, custom show control software and hardware (ShowFlow®, VidShow™ ), and motion EFX seat manufacturing, which has allowed MediaMation to become an unparalleled leader in their industry.

Amongst MediaMation’s product offerings, MX4D™ Motion EFX theaters - attraction and cinema seat series, are leaders in 4D/5D EFX environments to include full motion control special effects seating (seat transducers, front air and water blasts, leg and neck ticklers, seat poppers), overhead environments such as wind, rain, snow, bubbles, fog, scent and lightning strobes with 5.1 surround sound for 4D theaters. MediaMation’s Virtual Fountain™ 3D software allows custom fountain shows to be pre-designed and pre-programmed prior to installation.

In 2013 MediaMation launched officially into the cinema marketplace supplying Cinemex, the 6th largest cinema chain worldwide, with 15 full auditorium MX4D™ Motion EFX cinemas, and programming new release feature films in MX4D™ for the major studios. More cinema chains worldwide to be announced shortly.

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